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Vaillant are the UK's number 1 boiler manufacturer and installer. Vaillant, have been setting the standards for the heating industry for over 135 years and are proud of their reputation for producing revolutionary boilers and boiler products manufactured to the highest standards possible. Valliant pioneered the combi boiler in the 1970?s which changed the way homeowners and businesses heated their surroundings and water, but their product range and expertise stretch much further than this. Along with the production of conventional boilers and boiler heating systems, as one of Europe’s leading heating technology manufacturers Valliant are at the forefront when it comes to developing new and innovative ways to heat homes and water whilst also reducing energy costs, reducing fossil fuel usage and utilising sustainable resources. 

Vaillant Equipment
Vaillant Equipment
Vaillant Equipment

Gas Boilers

Vaillant Equipment

Vaillant produce three different types of gas boiler: combination (combi), system and open vented boilers. Each of the three types of boiler that are produced by Vaillant are high efficiency condensing boilers which, since 2005, have to be installed by law when a new boiler is being fitted in the United Kingdom.


Ground Source Heat Pumps

Vaillant Equipment

Ground source heat pumps are amongst the most energy efficient processes for providing warmth and hot water to a building. The initial set-up costs can appear expensive but this initial outlay can be offset by the amount of money saved on energy bills over the following 3-10 years.


Air to Water Heat Pumps

Vaillant Equipment

Heat pumps use energy stored in the air and convert this to heat for space heating and hot water production. Low temperature energy from the air is collected through a CFC-free refrigerant cycle, which converts this energy to higher temperatures for use inside the home.


Hot Water Cylinders

Vaillant Equipment

Vaillant supply unvented hot water cylinders for use in many domestic and commercial premises around the UK. Unvented cylinders operate directly from the mains water supply, providing a high pressure flow of hot water and can use an immersion heater to supplement heating of the water.


Commercial Gas Boilers

Vaillant Equipment

Vaillant's range of commercial boilers include ecoTEC wall hung boilers, the ecoCRAFT floor standing commercial boiler range and the atmoCRAFT atmospheric floor standing gas boiler range.

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