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Oftec 12690 Gas Safe Register 526952

Telephone Number 01539 751 128 

Oncore House, Longlands Road, Bowness on Windermere, LA23 3AS

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Energy Efficiency

Is your home heating costing you too much? Want to lower your bills and reduce your carbon front print? Here are some of the ways we at oncore can help you

Monday 17th of December 2012 - View

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Too many people die each year in the UK from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and many become chronically ill. Make sure your heating system is serviced regular.

Tuesday 13th of November 2012 - View

Breakdown Policy

Oncore specialist heating prides itself on fast response times and quick turnaround of heating breakdowns.Contact us for quick specialist advice.

Saturday 10th of November 2012 - View

Frozen Condensate Pipes

Every winter 100,000s of boilers in the UK stop working because their condensate (drain) pipe freeze solid. Contact us to fond out how we can prevent this.

Friday 9th of November 2012 - View

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