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Oftec 12690 Gas Safe Register 526952

Telephone Number 01539 751 128 

Oncore House, Longlands Road, Bowness on Windermere, LA23 3AS

Terms and Conditions

1. All estimates are written. Engineers are not obliged to give a verbal estimate. The final cost of works depends on their duration and the actual material costs. All estimates and terms and conditions stated are valid for 30 days from the date printed on the estimate.

2. Unless expressly stated, all our warranties are for 12 months only. Manufacturers' warranties vary according to the product installed. Payments not made within the agreed period will result in immediate withdrawal of all warranties provided through Oncore Specialist Heating.

3. Payment is strictly on completion of works unless alternative arrangements have been offered in the estimate.

4. Payments not received within 30 days from date of invoice, will pass automatically to our debt-collecting agency, who are authorised to pursue collection of the debt in accordance with the Late Payments of Commercial Debts Act 1998 (amended 2000), or to the County Court. There will be written notice prior to such action.

5. Engineers are not obliged to divulge their own or any other mobile telephone numbers. These phones are for internal use only.

6. All gas installations will be tested for leaks prior to the commencement of any related works. We are unable to work with a gas installation if it does not comply with Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998.

7. If involvement of an emergency service is necessary (i.e., National Grid), it may not be possible for the engineer to remain on site for their arrival. In such cases it is the responsibility of the landlord/owner/tenant to arrange any access required by the service in question.

8. Alterations to the scheduled works requested AFTER they have commenced will be liable to additional costs for work not previously estimated. It is at the engineer’s discretion whether requested alterations are treated as a separate schedule of works. It may be necessary to arrange a new start date for requested changes to the original schedule and estimate provided.

9. Servicing of a boiler or any other appliance does not include repairs that may be required, and does not guarantee fault free operation for the following year.

10. In the unlikely event of a claim on the company insurance, a valid invoice must support such claims. Works carried out that is not specified in the invoice may not be covered by our policy. Works carried out on the installation by third parties during a warranty period must be done with our permission, or we shall not be liable for any subsequent costs.

11. We do not provide an emergency service. All requests for our services will be responded to as soon as a suitable engineer is available. We cannot guarantee the time of our response for any call, including warranty issues. Where such an issue arises, we will endeavour to send the appropriate engineer as soon as possible.

12. EC/UK Employment Laws, the Health and Safety at Work Act and concomitant legislation supersede any offer or statement made with respect of any estimate or invoice.

13. We can dispose of waste by prior arrangement. The final cost of disposal can vary, depending on the type and volume.

14. Chemical treatment of central heating pipe work carries a slight risk of opening old leaks on the system. This will not be covered by any estimate that does not expressly include such remedial work, nor does the company insurance policy cover any damage or additional costs associated with such leaks.

15. Conversion of an open vented heating system to a sealed type (required by certain boilers) puts the system under slightly higher working pressures. This can lead to failure of radiators, hot water cylinders, pipework and ancillaries. This shall not be deemed the responsibility of the operative or Oncore Specialist Heating. Should such a failure occur, additional works may be required.

16. The installation of unvented cylinders or similar appliances requires notification to local building authorities. We require that the client makes this notification.

17. Warranties shall be deemed void if access to an installation is removed, covered or otherwise made difficult. This includes the presence of items such as cupboards and panels as well as appointment times and dates.

These terms and conditions are correct at the time of publishing (07/12/12). They are subject to change at any time, without notice. The client’s statutory rights are not affected.

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